Nibiru Beauty is happy to announce that we do provide wholesale. We pride ourselves in making our customers happy and now we want to make your customers happy too!

Please check out our FAQs to get all the information you may need. If you decide to let Nibiru Beauty be apart of your team all orders are to be placed on Brandroom. Click the wholesale tab and go to Order Now to place you orders. 


We look forward to working with you. Blessed Be.



1. Are the candles natural?

- Yes, our candles are 100% natural! Our base is made from an ethnically sourced palm wax blend.

2. Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil?

- Our candles are made using essential oil. 

3. What are the size of the candles?

- Each candle is approximately 4x3 inches and 8.8 ounces.

4. Do you take consignment? 

- Yes.

5. Is there a minimum?

- There is a 5 candle minimum per candle.

6. How do I order?

- We take orders via email, phone call or you can click the link on this page and order from our Brandroom account.  WE ARE NOW ON FAIRE.COM

7. How much does it cost per candle?

- $9 per candle for wholesale.

8. How does it come shipped for showcase?